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Welcome to Tallahassee Paintball Sports! We feature the 50 cal Opus system for youth and beginners along with all aspects of regular to competition paintball. If we don't have it, we can either get it or know someone who does. For a good time, call us and let us help you.Please call for date availability before buying your package to make sure we can book the date you need! Now offering regular air powered 68 and 50 cal paintball also, and cases of field paint which is required on our field. If you have more players, check out our money saving packages!

We encourage those booking birthday packages to visit Toy Nation to set up a birthday wish list registry to guide your guests in the right direction for gifts.  See their web paige here- www.toynation.biz or like them of Facebook https://www.facebook.com/toynationllc/ to see sales.

We have open Paintball for anyone who shows up During open weekend hours on Saturdays and Sundays.
We have been playing paintball for close to 20 years, running a paintball field for 7 years, took a break and now started back up again when we found this new system to encourage the fostering of new players. 850-445-0946 Other than paintball, we are a FFL holder able to assist those who need those specific services. We are able to give concealed weapons classes, certify, and give help when needed to get that license.In addition, we are also a certified Glock Armorer and can accomplish those tasks as well. Give Mark a call and he will try to help in any way.

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Tallahassee Paintball Sports LLC Prices. Air Powered 68 or 50 cal Rental Package Special includes Goggles, Gun, Tank with 1 air fill, Hopper and 500 paintballs $45/ 200 balls $35---- Add; Anti Fog Goggles $7.00, Chest protector small $2 large $5, Neck Guard $2---- Individule Equipment Rental---- Gun $15-- Hopper $2-- Small Vest $2-- Neck protector $2-- Goggles $12-- anti fog $17-- Large Vest $5 Tank $15-- Ball Hauler $5-- Field Fee $7.50-- Air Fill $3-- All Day Air $10-- Extra Paint-- 500 round bag $15-- 2000 Round case $55-- Tournament Practice Days-- Field Paint case 2000 rds $40-- Premium Paint case 2000 rds $45-- Tournament Grade Paint Case $50-- Air Fee $5-- “NEW” Sling shot Paintball-- Goggles, Sling shot 100 paintballs $12.50 All prices do not include 7.5% sales tax We sell new and used paintball guns, parts and supplies. We also repair paintball guns. We are a licensed Firearm Dealer and do Concealed Firearm permits. Please inquire. Only our Paintballs are allowed to be used.